Identify & Transition into your Dream Career so you can Lead with Excellence!

I help unfulfilled corporate women leaders identify & transition into their ideal career path without taking a pay cut!

obtain clarity & confidence for your next move

develop a powerful
transition strategy

identify & land your new opportunity

lead with excellence & transform the business

You Desire to be in Perfect Alignment with what You were Made to Do!

But These Roadblocks Stand in the Way of Your Transition

Lack of Clarity

You are unsure of the next career move that will bring fulfillment, flexibility & finances to build a life you love.


You need direction and tools to successfully transition without taking a pay cut or a lesser title.


You need to learn how to package ALL of your experience & articulate the value you bring to an organization.

A Successful, Yet Unfulfilled
Six-Figure Career Woman

I achieved the American Dream only to realize it wasn't my dream at all...

I checked all of the boxes. I built a career many people dream of. But I spent my daily commute strategizing how to transition out of Electrical Engineering so I could truly love the work I do and make an impact in the lives of those I felt called to serve. After spending over 15 years in Consumer Insights & Marketing, I gained immense experience in creating & growing million dollar brands. But experience wasn’t enough to create true transformation for my clients. I needed expertise. So I enrolled in world class coaching training and became a certified Business & Transition Coach. I now help professionals & leaders just like you to identify their core nature, gifts and skills to transition into a career  aligned with what they are destined to do and who they are called to help. I then help them to LEAD with excellence to transform their life & business. 

70% of Americans are unfulfilled in their profession.

I don’t want you to be included in that statistic anymore. The price of chasing someone else’s definition of success is too high and you have paid it for far too long. You want to build a successful and profitable business that has great impact and significance. You want your work to be in perfect alignment with your calling. I want to help you achieve that while generating consistent income in the process.

If you’re ready to make a BOLD leap to build a business with impact and significance and want a proven framework for success, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s work together to uncover, package and sell your IMPACT OFFER!

Catapult into a Life & Business You Love!

The Proven Process to Identify & Transition Into a Career you Love!

Catapult is a transformative, career coaching program for high-achieving women leaders in mid to senior level management who are unfulfilled, ready to uncover the most aligned career for them and transition within the next 6 months without taking a pay cut!   You will learn a proven process to uncover your natural gifts, strengths & talents and how to leverage those to build a impactful career doing work you love and make a difference in the lives of others.

You’ve worked very hard to build the success you have, but you need more. You force yourself to be at the top of your game for a job you don’t enjoy or maybe even despise. You used to love what you do but lately, something has been tugging at you. How could you reach this point and still feel like something is missing?

Moving beyond success to significance and impact is your focus but you lack clarity. 

How would your life be different if you could grow a thriving career aligned with the work you are meant to do in the world? A successful career requires specific foundational strategies. When you know what they are, and have an expert coach to guide you in implementing them, you’ll finally enjoy the fulfillment, freedom and flexibility you dream about.

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Master Your Mindset

Release & overcome limiting beliefs and mental blocks that keep you from achieving your biggest dreams.

Unmask Your
core gifts

Identify the natural gifts that are aligned with your purpose AND suitable for an impactful career.

Design & execute Your transition

Strategically package your gifts & so you can articulate the value you bring and land a role aligned with the vision you have for your life & career.

Fulfillment, Impact and Freedom is Just 3 Steps Away!

Are you ready to take the Leap?

Get in Alignment

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Build Your transition Strategy

Identify the ideal career for you & launch into a new area.

Achieve YOUR Definition of Success

Embrace fulfillment and impact doing work you love.

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