Meet Tanika Fitzgerald

Certified Career & Leadership Transformation Coach

I am the Coach to Catapult you into the Career you Desire!

What if you could truly love the work you do, have an impact and build the legacy you desire?

You’ve discovered my little home on the internet which probably means  you’ve reached a level of great success in your career but still feel like something is missing. Should you continue to do work you’ve been trained to do or transition into the work you are called to do?

If you are like any of the amazing women I work with, you are tired of giving your all to a career where that leaves you unfulfilled & lacking the impact you desire.   You’re ready to uncover and package your true brilliance so you can do work that truly matters and make a real impact in the world.

I was living the American Dream, but I was far from living MY dream!

I did it. I checked all of the boxes. I obtained Multiple degrees and built a career I enjoyed.  I’ve spent the past 15 years building million dollar brands for Fortune 100 companies. From the outside, I was living the life. But on the inside, I was craving a change and a deeper sense of fulfillment. Like you, I know the struggle of feeling unfulfilled, yet confused about what to do to change it. I wanted to be in full alignment with what I am called to do. But my comfort with the familiar and my fear of changes kept me stuck. But I knew that my out of alignment with my core nature, my values and my strengths. That all changed after becoming a mom and being laid off three times in five years.

It was time to take the leap. But I needed clarity on how to leverage my expertise to build an impactful legacy? Following a journey of personal discovery, I was certain that coaching was for me.  But I wanted to enhance my skills to be the best coach I could be. I obtained my coaching certification at iPEC Coaching while managing a full-time job, marriage and motherhood. Now, I am paving the path to achieve a dream that actually belongs to me. I am excited to have the freedom I have always dreamed of while impacting the lives of those I have been called to help. I would love to help you to do the same!

Creating a fulfilling, rewarding business & life can feel like a real challenge. 

As a certified Career & Leadership Transformation Coach, I blend my business  experience & coaching expertise to guide clients through a simple and impactful process, catapulting them into a career & life aligned with their values, strengths & passions.

If you’re ready to take a bold leap to experience the same results as I and many of my clients, I’d like to invite you to book a FREE Alignment Session. Here, we will get clear about your passions, struggles, goals and uncover the roadblocks to your transition to create a plan to transition into the career path you dream of. This is the first step to partnering with me to launch your purpose-aligned business & achieve YOUR definition of success & fulfillment.

To apply for your spot now, click the button below.

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