Meet Tanika Fitzgerald

Certified Career Alignment & Leadership Coach

A Successful, yet Unfulfilled,
Six-Figure Career Woman

I help women leaders (re)discover their gifts, gain career clarity and make more money doing what they are purposed to do!

I Achieved the American Dream only to realize it wasn't my dream at all...

I checked all of the boxes. A Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. An MBA in Strategic Marketing & Management. Marketing & Consumer Insights Leadership roles at Fortune 100 Companies. My career was (and still is) on a great trajectory.  I built a corporate career that many people dream of. But I spent my daily commute strategizing how to transition out of Electrical Engineering so I could truly love the work I do and make an impact in the lives of those I felt called to serve. I then landed in Consumer Insights and knew that I had found IT! I loved this career path and it didn’t feel like work.  But over 20+ years in Corporate America, my values, passions and needs began to shift.  That inner voice also got louder and louder telling me that though I was doing very well, I was not truly aligned with what God had created me to do.  

Adding the roles of wife and mom to two beautiful girls made what was previously at the top of my priority list quickly fall. I began to care more about the lives I am called to change rather than the brands I was developing. I needed more flexibility and more than anything else, I thirsted for a level of impact and fulfillment that wasn’t going to come through Marketing Research, business planning and growing the bottom line of a company that didn’t belong to ME! I had chosen these careers because people told me I would be good at it. I built an amazing expertise but was not leveraging my God-given gifts. My work no longer felt in alignment with who I was becoming and the impact I am called to make. I had achieved The American Dream at the expense of sacrificing my own. 

Like you, I know the struggle of feeling unfulfilled, yet confused about what to do to change it. My comfort with the familiar and my fear of change kept me stuck. I feared walking away from a career I had invested so much time and money into. But I knew that my satisfaction and impact was worth SO much more. I went through a process of self discovery to uncover my core nature (The gifts, talents & strengths I was born with) and used my professional expertise to successfully transition into Coaching – a career fully aligned with my purpose. 

My calling is to help women to uncover their true gifts, align their purpose with their career & make more money doing what they were purposed to do! 

I knew I was being called to coach. I had already been doing it in many aspects of my life. But I wanted to be great at it! So I enrolled in world class coaching training and became a certified Career Alignment & Leadership Coach. I now am fully equipped to operate in my gift to the best of my ability. I  help women professionals & leaders just like you to identify their core nature, gifts and skills to transition into a career aligned with what they are destined to do and who they are called to help. I then help them to LEAD with excellence to transform their life & the businesses they lead. 

70% of Americans are unfulfilled in their profession.

I don’t want you to be included in that statistic anymore. The price of chasing someone else’s definition of success is too high and you have paid it for far too long. You want to build a successful and profitable career that has great impact and significance. You want your work to be in perfect alignment with your calling. I want to help you achieve that without losing financial stability in the process.

If you’re ready to make a BOLD leap to build a career with impact and significance and want a proven framework for success, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s work together to uncover, package and catapult you into your new career!

"A (wo)man's gift makes room for (her) and brings her before great men." (Proverbs 18:16)

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