4 Steps to Uncover Your Gifts & Identify Your Ideal Career

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Making a career change is no easy task. It is extremely to do some self assessment in order for your shift to be successful. Leveraging my extensive corporate career and = leadership experience , I have coached my clients in building a strong foundation for a shift into a career aligned with their gifts, strengths and values. 

In my free guide, The Roadmap to Shift Into Your Ideal Career, you will have the strategies to (Re)Discover your gifts so you can successfully transition into a new career that is aligned with your values, strengths and passions without sacrificing your financial security.

SimoneDetroit, MI
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"I was not clear on how to use my gifts to build a career and business until I started coaching with Tanika. She helped me to increase my confidence and get clear on my next career move. I now have made the transition from a job I hated to a consulting career that brings me so much joy & money too! Working with Tanika is a such a pleasure and I feel so motivated after our sessions. I could not ask for a better coach to have in my corner."

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