Move Beyond Success to Significance & Impact

I know...

Transition can be scary! But we will dismantle the fear with the right strategy and plan! 

It's time...

to quickly manifest the impactful and fulfilling life & business you envision.

Strategically Catapulting You into Purpose!

The Purpose List

I help unfulfilled professionals uncover their unique expertise & partner with them to strategically build a life, profitable business or career that brings true fulfillment.  

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what inspires us

our philosophy

Your Story...

may be very similar to mine. You have a great career, make good money and are successful according to others' definition. Many people are impressed by what you have achieved. But deep inside, you are unfulfilled! You are not making the impact you know you were called to on this earth. You want to build a profitable business, transition into a new career or even make some significant changes in your life. But you feel stuck. Big transitions can be scary and your life isn't set up for big uncertainties. Quitting your 9 to 5 (or 9 to 9!) may not be an option for you or your family. But you are...

Tired of going to a job that leaves you unfulfilled!

Tired of being out of alignment with your purpose!

Ready to make a change but don't know where to start!

Full of business ideas but don't know which one should move forward!

Unsure of which gifts & talents you can successfully monetize!

Frustrated because you don't seem to have any extra time!

You are ready to launch into a life that is perfectly aligned with what you  are called to do but are unsure of where to start. Your doubts are keeping you stagnant. Your need for perfection keeps you procrastinating.

Shh...Lean in. I have a secret to tell you...

 Everything you need to be successful according to your definition is already in you! You just need the right coach to empower you, hold you accountable and help you to develop a strategic transition plan that is actionable with profitable results that last! 

My Coaching services will equip & empower you to live and work in a more impactful way so you can have success on your terms and manifest the vision YOU have for your life. 

Hesitant to leave your comfort zone in various areas of your life!

Still searching for the answer to "what is my purpose?" 

Let's Create
Impact Together!  

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Business & Leadership Coaching

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“I know that you can do all things;
    no purpose of yours can be thwarted.

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Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure!
(~Tony Robbins)  

Hey There!

I'm Tanika Fitzgerald

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I am a certified Business & Career Coach focused on helping unfulfilled professionals uncover their unique gift & expertise to build a purpose-aligned business that brings true fulfillment. I am so excited to possibly partner with you to build a profitable business & easily convert your ideal clients from interested to investing.

After spending over 15 years in Corporate America, I was successful, yet unfulfilled. I was comfortable with the "security" of my 9 to 5 yet fearful of the transition into an uncomfortable life that would take boldness & courage to catapult into my divine assignment.

I used to allow external pressures to guide my decisions. Ultimately, that took me way off the path to pursuing my life purpose & serving the people I have been called to help.

I Believe...

You can be fulfilled & make money

You can THRIVE in your divine assignment! 

It's not about having it all; it's about what
matters most! 

Success is attained through consistency & execution! 

Inconsistency is a key to your own failure! 

Believing Bigger + Action = Abundance! 

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Tanika Fitzgerald

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