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The process of writing a book can be daunting and overwhelming at the same time. Many people do not know where to start or need accountability to get the book done.  The self-publishing journey can be a separate project in itself. Tanika is gifted in writing and telling a compelling story that others want to read! Partner with her in coaching to find your voice, develop your story. write your book, get published AND sell it successfully with her unique marketing strategies. 

The following are a few examples of how we can work together:
Literary Coaching Intensive 
The Literary Coaching Intensive program will assist the author, with the development and completion of her book project. Tanika will create scheduled sessions to review bi-weekly or monthly material, give assignments to the author to complete, critique and assist the author with completing the book project.

Book Development Coaching & Prep 
This part of the program will include an overview from A to Z of how to develop a strategy to write your book and we will also review publishing options and identify what is right for you. 6 coaching sessions (separate from the Literary Intensive) are included in this part of the package.

Writing & Publishing Resources 
You will gain access to a list of resources for your book development and publishing. This includes: self-publishing companies, graphic designers (for your cover), editors and book designers + the following bonuses:
o Author’s Goal Setting Guide

Customized Coaching Sessions on the following topics:
• Finding Your Voice & Overcoming Fears of Sharing Your Story
• Book Mapping – Creating a compelling book outline
• Setting Your Writing Goals
• Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing – Understanding & choosing your publishing options. A mini overview will be sent to you prior to this session. You should come to this session with an idea of which route you would like to take. We will then spend our time reviewing the process for the route that you choose.
o Developing Your Book Proposal (this will be an additional session should you desire to submit a proposal to publishing companies)
• Understanding the Editing & Internal Design Process
o How to choose an editor
o The Strategy of the Book Cover
o Discuss internal design process
• Marketing & Distributing Your Book

o Self Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing Guide
o Book Outline Template
o 10 Keys to Finish Your Book – Tips for the Busy Person

Literary & Publishing

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