Have you achieved great success climbing the corporate ladder, yet you are questioning,
"Is this even the ladder God has called me to climb?"

Successfully transition into a more fulfilling and impactful life & career path
without sacrificing your six-figure salary in the next 6 months

SHIFT is a transformative life & career coaching program designed to catapult purpose-driven women
into their soul-aligned life and career without impacting their financial security.


Are you a successful, but unfulfilled professional who desires to transition into a life and career that is truly an extension of your soul – the work God designed you to do? And you want to do it without sacrificing your financial security.

Have you achieve the level of success others dream about but you feel frustrated, stuck, uncertain and struggle to find joy in your career?

Are you spending a few hours a week scrolling jobs on LinkedIn or looking up other career paths that ignite your soul, but it just leaves you feeling more stuck and uncertain? If so, I can help you! 


But you struggle to make a change because you fear leaving behind a career path that you have invested so much time and money into building.

Maybe you chose your career because someone told you’d be good at the work you do today. And you are damn good at it! You have built an amazing expertise but you are not leveraging your God-given gifts. Your work no longer feels in alignment with who you are and the impact God has called you to make in the world or the lives of others. You have been chasing the American Dream at the expense of sacrificing YOUR own!

70% of professionals are unfulfilled in their careers*

As hard as it is to admit, you are one of them. By society’s standards you have it all together. But if I were to sit down with you, I would discover that you are a bit miserable in the area of your career because you know that God is calling you to greater! The money is great and so is your influence, but you are fully out of alignment with your purpose.  But you wonder if you can really make significant money doing the work that God has created you to do.


You are stuck, stagnant and just don’t know where to start.

There is a career  you were born to build and a ladder  you’ve been called to climb, but right now you are on the wrong one. You know there has to be a path that is more fulfilling, impactful and aligned with your God-given gifts, purpose and calling. 

Your outward success is no longer satisfying. You have been shrinking, settling and pouring all of your time and efforts into a career that isn’t pouring back into you. The impact  you are meant to have isn’t possible on your current path. 

You desire a career that makes a difference & provides much more than just financial security. There is a more authentic version of you hiding behind the one you are currently putting into the world. But fear of leaving it all behind or taking a paycut keeps you in this unfulfilling place that just isn’t true to who you really are and what you have been called to do in your professional life.

NOW is the time for you to get on a career path aligned with your purpose and God-given  gifts. Yes, you can make the money you dream of while doing what you love!

SHIFT will help you get there! 

It is time to SHIFT into the life & Career you were born to build! 

“Your job is not just to do what your parents say, what your teachers say, what society says, but to figure out what your heart is calling and be led by that.” – Oprah Winfrey


SHIFT: The Life & Career Transformation Program

SHIFT is a 12 week hybrid coaching program that guides you through a proven self-discovery process to get unstuck, discover your core gifts,  identify, design and transition into your dream career. A career that is aligned with who you truly are and what you were made to do. You will achieve all of this and increase your salary in the process! 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my personal journey of deep self discovery and over 15 years of experience in Marketing & Branding is that there is no cookie cutter approach to gaining clarity, branding your brilliance and successfully launching into a new career that allows your inner joy and purpose to thrive, while making money doing what you love!  You need the right mindset, a defined strategy and a customized approach that works for you. Let’s get to work! 

The SHIFT Framework & Curriculum

Over your 12 weeks in the SHIFT Career Transformation Coaching Program, we will work through the framework below to gain clarity on how to leverage your gifts, passions and calling to create a fulfilling life & career. You will be fully equipped to SHIFT you into your soul-aligned life and career, catapulting you into the calling and success that God has destined just for you!

Soul-Aligned Success Framework

Qualification of each SHIFT Client

There is a qualification process for each leader interested in the program. I will be personally delivering the coaching experience and I can only work with a select group of leaders who want to achieve the objectives above. I need to make sure you are ready for a career transition now and (because of my guarantee below), you’ll implement what you commit to when you agree to be a part of the program. 

Because of this, it’s imperative that every leader who aspires to make a career transition is truly ready for this level of growth and has the diligence and motivation to make the most of their time in this program to get you where you desire to be. 


Imagine Having the Fulfilling & Impactful Career of Your DreamsLife

Imagine getting up every morning, ready & excited to attack the day. What would life be like if you had clarity on what you are called to do and how you will impact those you are called to serve.  I think I have an idea. You will feel passionate about what you do and  finally able to bring your authentic self to your work every day. You have the salary you desire because you can confidently articulate the value you bring and package all of your previous experience to catapult you onto your new career path. You have the freedom and flexibility you need to be the woman, wife and/or mother you are called to be. Life is much sweeter and less stressful because you are in a career that is not only aligned with your core nature but your values as well. Working around the clock even though you love the job is not your desire. And guess what? You’re not doing that anymore either!

But it won’t stop there. The life you have now will change for the better when you are in perfect alignment with your purpose in your career. You will feel confident, fulfilled and full of hope for the best future you can build. The life and legacy you desire is waiting for you. Partner with an expert coach to guide you towards that path and push you to take the leap you’ve been a little apprehensive to make. What will you really achieve in this program?

The Benefits

  • A renewed mindset with new beliefs that are in perfect alignment to achieve the success you deserve.
  • Clarity on the gifts you should leverage to reinvent the career and get in alignment with what you are purposed to do. 
  • Design a customized transition plan to leap into your new career & make more money

Master Your Mindset

Release & overcome limiting beliefs and mental blocks that keep you from achieving your biggest dreams.

uncover your gifts & strengths

Identify the gifts & expertise you should leverage to build a successful career aligned with your needs & values. 

Launch Your dream career & make more $$$

Design a strategic transition plan to leap into a new career in 6 months or less  so you can leap into a new role with an increased salary.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” 

(Colossians 3:23-24)

Meet Your Coach

Tanika Fitzgerald, MBA, CPC, ELI-MP

Certified Career & Leadership Transformation Coach

Hey, I’m Tanika!

I’m a woman of faith, a wife, mom of two beautiful girls and a woman who knows the power of being aligned with God’s design for you in every area of your life. Helping women to uncover their core gifts and leverage them to build an incredible career (or business) is my jam! Seeing women come into complete alignment with what they were made to do in their career, make incredible impact and build a legacy they dream of gives me more satisfaction than words can say. 

Faith is my foundation and because of that, it was so important for me to tap into my God-given gifts to build the successful career God has planned for me. Like you, I know the struggle of feeling unfulfilled, yet confused about what to do to change it. I wanted to be in full alignment with what I am called to do. But my comfort with the familiar and my fear of change kept me stuck.

I went from forcing myself to love the world of Electrical Engineering to accepting my personal truth that this was not the life for me. I feared walking away from something I had invested so much time and money into but I knew that my satisfaction and impact was worth SO much more! I went through a process of personal discovery to uncover my core nature (the gifts, talents and skills I was born with) and used my professional expertise to successfully transition into a career (Consumer Insights) I loved and was naturally good at doing. From there, I know I wanted to help women find the path to fulfillment in this part of their lives.

As a certified Career & Leadership Transformation Coach, I blend my business  experience & coaching expertise to guide clients through a simple and impactful process, catapulting them into a career & life aligned with their values, strengths & passions. I then coach them to lead with excellence in their new roles – corporate or entrepreneurial.

If you’re ready to take a bold leap to experience the same results as I and many of my clients, I’d like to invite you to apply for SHIFT. We will get clear about your passions, struggles, goals and uncover the roadblocks to create a plan to transition into the career path you dream of.

Are You Ready to SHIFT into a Life & Career You Love?

My Superpower is pulling out the unique gifts in my clients and I can’t wait to do that for you. I know a little something about being GOOD at your profession but being unfulfilled doing it. I did it for a long time. But I finally mustered up the courage to pivot and start a business aligned with my purpose! I want to help you do the same thing.

The work you do matters and it should inform your sense of purpose and how you show up in the world. If you truly believe that your work should be aligned with your values and impact who you are called to serve, then you have come to the right place. If you are ready to launch into the fulfilling life and career you desire, please complete the application below. I will personally review your submission and reply within 48 hours with your next steps. If accepted, I will help bring clarity to overwhelm, relieve stress and frustration, and help you create a career that brings you purpose and joy.

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